Balancing work and life is hard. Balancing work, life and working out? Even harder. When you’re spending eight, nine, ten hours a day in an office chair (and we’ve all heard just how bad for you it is to sit all day!), fitness can seem like a pipe dream. But never fear! There are solutions.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to be blogging about staying fit while working full time. Some of it will be researched and some of it will be anecdotal, but it will all be there to give you some ideas about how to stay both active and productive with that 9-to-5 (or 7:30-to-4:30, amirite?).

To start with, I wanted to toss out some ideas about squeezing in some hup-to! while you’re at the office. I’ll call this piece Your Desk: Not As Boring as You Thought.

1. Try looking up airplane exercises. Leg lifts are great—even while you’re typing, just sit up straight, pick your feet up off the floor and hold. You can also place your hands firmly on the seat of your chair and use your arms to lift and hold your entire body.

2. Is your desk adjustable? Give it a shot cranking it up as high as it will go and stand for a little while. It may not seem like much, but it breaks the usual eight-hour sitting routine and can have a positive impact. Or, go get yourself an exercise ball to sit on. I’m not 100% sure it does anything, but it’s still fun to roll around on.

3. Go for walks! If you get a break, take a brisk stroll around the office. If you’re going to lunch, walk to the restaurant! Added plus—sunlight makes you happier! (no, I don’t have a proof for that, but it certainly sounds true).

4. Take. The. Stairs. I’m serious. I mean, I’m no slouch, and a few flights of stairs can leave me winded. When that gets boring, try running the stairs or skipping every other stair or racing your coworkers up and down the stairs—no crashing, please.

5. Under-the-desk pedal exerciser. For the more serious among you, I’ve seen these crazy contraptions that are like bike pedals without the bike. Under-the-desk pedal exerciser. Yes, it’s a thing. A kind of awesome thing, actually.